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NEC Empowered by Innovation
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  • The NEC DSX phone system offers high performance, flexibility and the ability to custom design a system that meets your company's specific telecommunication requirements.
  • Advanced features and intuitive soft keys provide users with one-button access to extensions, lines and system features. With many models to choose from, each user can enjoy customized service and performance.
  • The DSX has built-in Automated Attendant which answers incoming calls, plays a greeting, and allows callers to directly dial extensions and departments without operator assistance or additional equipment.
  • The DSX-40 phone system is designed for residential and small commercial applications. The system shares station equipment, IntraMail voice mail, and programming design with the DSX-80/160.
  • The standard DSX-40 configuration provides 4 CO/line ports, 8 digital station ports, 2 analog station ports, and 2 analog doorbox ports with relay controls.
  • Expands easily to 8 lines with 24 business phones or 18 single-line phones, or a mixture of both, via expansion cards.
  • Notable system features include built-in 2-port automated attendant, built-in caller ID information and various workgroup features including Call Coverage, Extension Hunting, Group Call Pick-up and Multi-Party Conference
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  • Nortel Norstar Modular Integrated Communications System is perfect for larger or multi-site businesses that need growth to support up to 280 ports in various configurations.
  • Advanced integrated applications include voice messaging, unified messaging, digital networking, enhanced call centers and speech recognition.
  • The Norstar Compact Integrated Communications System (CICS) is designed for smaller businesses, offering from 4 to 8 lines and 8 to 24 telephone extensions.
  • It supports all Norstar and Business Series telephones, including fully-featured digital functions with LCD and soft keys.
  • Easily add Norstar applications, such as voice mail, automated attendant, computer telephony integration (CTI), and automatic call distribution (ACD).
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  • Avaya Partner ACS phone system is the perfect small business solution for your company including a wide range of built-in features that can be easily tailored to meet a businesses’ unique communications needs.
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Vertical Vodavi Starplus
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  • The basic Vertical DX-120 phone system delivers nearly 200 powerful communications features including Built-In Caller ID, Direct Inward Dialing, Uniform Call Distribution, "Meet-Me" Conferencing, Tenant Service, Fax Detection, Station Message Detail Recording, Music-on-Hold, Public Address Interface and Door/Gate Control Interface.
  • The Vertical DX-120 phone system also includes a broad array of options including T1 and ISDN-PRI trunking, Corporate Office™ Voicemail Module, Automated Attendant Module, Modem Module, Expansion Boards and an Expansion Cabinet.
  • The DX-120 system includes a variety of ergonomic, sleek phones to meet an extremely broad range of requirements: a full featured desktop Executive Telephone with 30 programmable buttons, a full-featured 2.4 GHz Cordless Speakerphone and a Direct Station Selection (DSS) Console with 64 LED-illuminated programmable buttons for businesses needing a live attendant.
  • The Vertical FX II phone system is reliable, scalable and versatile by combining efficient VoIP telephony, unified messaging, and a suite of time-saving call management applications for single-site and multi-site businesses – from 8 users at a single-site up to 4,800 users at multi-sites.
  • Users can access calls and messages from multiple devices, including digital phones, IP phones, cell phones, e-mail devices and more — whether they are in the office or not. Users can also administer their own endpoint configuration with an intuitive, built-in mailbox administration tool as well as calling functions such as call forwarding, caller ID and unified call distribution for basic call center requirements.
  • The Vertical FX II phone system supports network infrastructure and business communications standards such as TSAPI and Microsoft TAPI. It also can integrate voice communications with popular software applications, such as MIcrosoft Outlook and FrontRange Solutions GoldMine.
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  • Bogan Single-Zone Paging and Multi-Zone Paging improves internal communication in business environments and provides more efficient customer support. Bogen provides audio solutions for offices, factories, and warehouses of any size and layout complexity.
  • Bogan is available in a variety of speaker styles to complement each area of your facility.
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  • Valcom paging speakers provides a built-in amplifier and volume control. These speakers are essentially independent public address systems that can be networked together. As customer needs change, this allows easy system configuration and flexible modification.
  • Valcom paging speakers are networked together using standard telephone/datacom low voltage wiring (CAT 3/6).
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  • The Aiphone KB Series: Video Sentry Color Tilt System features a clear and bright image with color monitor and color video door station, three color video door stations, five inside monitor stations, instant voice call-in with image, Selective Call or All Call, chime or receiver volume control and optional selective door release.
  • The Aiphone JF Series: Hands-free Color Video Enhanced System features no handset to pick up, compact, attractive design which complements most interiors, open voice VOX or PTT communication, high resolution color TFT monitor, expandable to three inside and two door stations, voice memo option to replay at inside stations, pre-record entrance message, single or selective door release, camera station can be monitored from inside and all monitors turn on when camera station calls in.
  • The Aiphone GF Series: Multi-Tenant Audio Only Entry Security System features up to 5 entrance panels and 250 tenant locations, entrance panels with modular individual call buttons allowing the panel to be configured with the appropriate number of buttons, up to two inside stations per tenant for easy communication with visitor, access control from inside station to calling entrance, optional individual doorbell to ring handset stations, door release timer, security guard or concierge station can be included to provide communication between office/lobby and tenants, optional panic call switch for emergency calling to guard/concierge, optional postal lock module allowing easy entry for postal and delivery workers.
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  • The Nutone NM100 intercom system is a full-function intercom and music distribution system designed for retrofit applications in residential use.
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  • Leviton's flat patch panels are made of heavy-duty 16 gage steel that are stamped and formed to create a rigid and durable surface capable of accepting the forces generated while punching down cables to the panel. Whether installed in a rack, cabinet, or wall-mount bracket, you know that your Leviton panel is up to the task.
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  • CPI's industry leading two-post relay racks, four-post open racks and Wall-Mount Systems provide unsurpassed strength, stability and durability for supporting rack-mount patch panels, high-density blocks, cabling and other equipment.
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