Home intercom systems, voice and data cabling, and other JK services

J&K Communications provides a wide variety of products and services including:
Telephone Systems
  • Digital Hybrid Systems
  • Voice Over IP Systems
Voice-mail Systems
  • Limited or Unlimited Mailboxes
  • Various Message Storage Capacities
  • Multiple Device Access
  • Call Routing Options
  • Custom Greetings
  • Computer Telephony Integration
Data and Voice Cabling
  • Plenum or PVC
  • 25-pair Cable
  • Cat. 5E and Cat. 6 Cable
  • Fiber-optic Cable
  • Cable Certification
Data Jack and Patch Panels
  • Data Racks
  • Cable Management
  • Punch Down Blocks
Adds, Moves and Changes Intercom Systems
  • One-door/One-inside Station Intercom Systems
  • Multi-station Home Intercom Systems
  • Multi-tenant/Multi-door Systems
  • Indoor or Outdoor Systems
  • Black and White or Color Systems
  • Day/Night Systems
  • Voice Only Intercom Systems
  • Repair Major Brands
Paging Systems
  • Single Zone and Multi-Zone
  • Emergency Alerts
  • General Announcements
  • Networked Speaker Systems
  • Monitor Noise Levels
  • Music in Different Zones
Closed-Circuit Video
  • Indoor/Outdoor/Day/Night Systems
  • Network able Systems
Audio Cabling
  • Home Theater
  • Background Music

Telephone and Voice-mail Systems:
Voicemail systemsJ&K Communications sells, programs and services new phone and voice mail systems specializing in digital hybrid systems and voice over IP systems. We will meet with you to discuss and design a system according to your business requirements and then install, program and train on the new system. We can expand certain voice-mail systems to meet the needs of a growing business. We can program line assignments, ringing assignments, voice mail routing options, voice-mail greetings, dial by name routing, password protection, auto attendance, voice messaging, pager notification and off premise call forwarding.

Intercom/Paging Systems:
Home intercom systems/ J&K Communications sells and installs Aiphone and Nutone intercom systems. There are numerous configurations of systems for your intercom and paging needs including simple one-door/one-inside station intercom systems, multi-station home intercom systems, multi-tenant/multi-door systems, indoor/outdoor, black and white, color, day/night systems, or voice only intercom systems.

We can troubleshoot and repair all major brands of intercom systems in multi-tenant apartment buildings, businesses, warehouses, single resident homes and large commercial applications.

J&K Communications can replace old intercom systems using existing wiring and customize intercom systems for remodels or for new construction.

We install fixed camera systems for an inexpensive option or tilt camera systems for maximum camera range.

J&K Communications sells, trouble-shoots and repairs paging systems for office buildings, warehouses, grocery stores, parking garages and manufacturing plants which can integrate with intercom or phone systems.

We install cables and speakers for business audio purposes including restaurants retail, offices, hotels and outside areas.

J&K Communications can install cabling for your home theater systems and commercial background music applications.

Cabling for Phone Systems and Data Networks:
Network cabling for phone and data systemsJ&K Communications installs cabling for voice systems with cat. 3 and cat. 5E cable, data network systems with cat. 5e, cat. 6, cat. 6A, cable and fiber optic cabling. We install feeder cabling to connect phone closets to MPOEs and we can provide either plenum or PVC cabling networks. All cabling is installed according to industry standards. Cabling is always neatly dressed in, supported, tested and labeled. We can provide cable certification, wire mapping and cable test data printouts. We can clean-up exiting cabling, patch panels and phone terminal blocks by testing and eliminating all non-essential cables.

Fiber Optics:
Fiber optic cablingJ&K Communications can provide fiber optics cabling for backbone installations, single-mode or multi-mode applications. We have the option of fiber-optics ducking or armored fiber optics.

Closed Circuit Video:
Closed circuit TV set-upJ&K Communications can install video surveillance systems for home or business use, including indoor/outdoor, day/night, and network able applications. We carry a variety of manufacturers and can design an individual camera system that is best suited for your surveillance needs.